NR Capital | Strategy
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“There is a chronic shortfall of trade finance for small business”

John Danilovich, ICC Secretary General 2017

“The pillars of NR Capital’s strategy”

NR Capital is focused on providing trade finance to the commodity sector. UNCTAD estimates that the unmet demand for trade finance exceeds US$1.5 trillion per annum. Our own research shows transaction sizes between US$1-15m are chronically underfunded and underserved by the traditional banking sector, especially in the bulk commodity trade finance space.

The pillars of the NR Capital strategy are:

  • A focus on the US$1-10m transaction size in the bulk commodity market.
  • To collaborate with global banks with the aim of solving their financing & regulatory issues while also preserving and respecting the banks’ existing client relationships
  • The utilization of technology to enhance security, increase operational efficiencies, and reduce cost.